Prospective Students

Data lab is always looking for self-motivated graduate students. Preference is given to students with a (1) solid theoretical background, (2) solid programming skills, and/or (3) research experience. If you find big data, social computing, data mining, or machine learning research, with emphasis on social media and large scale information networks interesting, we strongly encourage you to apply to Syracuse University (here) and please mention Reza Zafarani‘s name in your application.

How to Contact Us for Admissions: To contact us regarding applications, you can fill out Data Lab Application. Once your application is submitted, if we find your application a good fit, we will contact you!

Our Research: Our research lies in the intersection of data mining, machine learning, social sciences, and theory. A common pattern in our research is to collect and analyze large scale data to glean actionable patterns. We often employ theories from social sciences, psychology, or anthropology, in addition to developing and
using advanced mathematical, statistical, and machine learning machinery to verify the validity of such patterns.

If you want to know more about our research, please take a look at Reza’s latest book and the accompanying tutorial.